Some do it out of extreme necessity, others to improve living and working conditions in their respective countries of origin, and others simply for the experience it brings. But there is something that unites us all: we are emigrants, or to use the anglicism that covers it with a certain modern tone, we are ‘expats’. People who have decided to leave behind the comfort of their own language and culture in order to progress and grow as people. People who face language and culture shock on a daily basis. People who leave behind family and loved ones.

Emigrating has never been an easy process and that is why there are so many blogs about it. Everyone wants to tell the experience from their own
own point of view. Because each one of them is different, different nuances that lead to different experiences. That’s why this page of A Geek in Munich gathers all the posts that tell about the experience.

Of course, it is not only about the ‘glamorous’ life of an expat in Munich. For that would only be a part of the reality. Some articles are personal, some are funny, some are sad. Because that is the reality of the person who has decided to leave his or her homeland to earn a living elsewhere. Every day is a new adventure, new challenges rise up before us to replace those that have already been overcome.

So this expat section of A Geek in Munich joins the huge family of blogs that already exist on the subject. A family that, acting as a whole, tries to give as realistic a picture as possible of what it is like to embark on the adventure of living and working abroad.

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