Munich enjoys a highly privileged position when it comes to city breaks. Many excursions can be made from Munich, whether for a single day, a weekend or a short holiday. Located practically in the centre of Europe, many destinations can be reached in just a few hours’ drive. To give you an idea, there is a tool that allows you to calculate this. It is called How Far Can I Go and can be accessed here.

On the one hand, the Bavarian region offers an impressive natural setting for all kinds of excursions. The Bavarian Alps rise majestically just a few kilometres south of Munich, making all kinds of adventures possible. From easy hiking trails suitable for families with children to climbing in its purest form, not to mention all the winter sports available in the region. On this page, however, we will focus more on the first type, giving suggestions for family-friendly excursion possibilities from Munich.

On the other hand, the proximity of countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia gives us the possibility to explore nearby cities and discover little wonders that are not usually in the guidebooks. Even without leaving the Bavarian region, UNESCO heritage cities such as Bamberg, Würzburg or Regensburg are within easy reach of Munich. So, whether it’s a cultural, historical or culinary getaway, we have all kinds of possibilities at our fingertips.

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Articles about Day Trips from Munich:

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