One of the areas where people have the most problems when moving to another country is dealing with the bureaucracy and paperwork. Even in our home country it is often a cause of many headaches, which with the addition of a foreign language becomes a nightmare. In this section of A Geek in Munich, we will try to alleviate these problems by addressing each of the most common formalities people face.

These procedures range from registering in the city (the famous Anmeldung), to getting married before the German authorities themselves, to having a child, to accessing benefits such as Kindergeld, Elterngeld, etc… This section of A Geek in Munich covers all kinds of formalities and paperwork. The intention is to make it a reference guide for everyone living in Munich, and by extension, in Germany. It is a way to thank all the help we have received during the first years, and that all the newcomers don’t feel alone and abandoned in front of the system.

For all those who live within the city of Munich, the place where 90% of the formalities will be done is the KVR (Kreisverwaltungsreferat). So the vast majority of items in this category will take place here. It has a head office in Poccistraße, as well as several branches in the various districts. You will have to be patient, however, as the queues are often monumental. An appointment system has now been introduced, but they are completely overcrowded.

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